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The real estate closing itself is the final, concluding step of the real estate transaction. There are many moving pieces in play that must be managed in order to ensure complete protection of your interests. For that reason, it is imperative to have an experienced and skilled real estate attorney to help navigate and manage the moving parts as the deal nears completion.

As a buyer or seller engaged in commercial real estate transaction, or as a home buyer or home seller, you can turn to the Dhaliwal Law Firm with great confidence for outstanding representation throughout the real estate transaction process.

We have built a solid reputation for helping guide clients through the numerous complexities of real estate transactions. At the Dhaliwal Law Firm, we help our clients avoid mistakes and pitfalls by aggressively safeguarding their interests. We know from experience that most deals are unique and highly fact dependent. That is why we are here to help discuss your specific needs. We will work closely with you at all stages of your real estate deal so you can stay informed while achieving your objectives.

At the Dhaliwal Law Firm, we are your go-to law firm for real estate law in the Moorestown metro area, namely Burlington County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Somerset County, Hunterdon County, Camden County and Gloucester County. However, we have represented individuals and commercial clients in jurisdictions throughout New Jersey.

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We provide legal counsel to small and large businesses to ensure that they comply with both state and federal environmental regulations. Our services include site remediation counseling, due diligence, compliance and litigation of enforcement actions. We regularly represent gas station owners throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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  • So, when does the "Closing Process" of a Real Estate Deal Commence?

    Generally, the real estate closing process begins after the Contract of Sale has been signed by all parties. The property is said to be “in escrow” as the real estate transaction reaches the closing phase.

  • How long does the entire process take?

    The answer to this inquiry is highly dependent on the nature of the deal. As a rough guideline, in our experience, residential closings typically tend to last anywhere from three to six weeks in duration. When it comes to complex commercial transactions, the process is generally somewhat longer.

  • What Happens during a Real Estate Closing?

    In the beginning stages of the real estate transaction, the buyers and sellers are front and center in the process. However, as the deal progresses, lawyers, title companies and lenders play a key role in getting you to closing.

    Closing generally entail the following (although the list can vary depending on the specific deal):

    Correspondence with mortgage holders to determine payoff amounts
    Review of title to determine presence of liens, if any, against the property (including any other items that may impact the title)
    Preparation of escrow documentation
    Securing any required property insurance to protect the clients’ interests

    The specific deal will determine the tasks that need to be completed. The list above is provided as to give a prospective client a general idea of what to expect during the real estate closing.

  • How much will the Real Estate Closing cost?

    (Click here for important additional information on Closing Costs) Closing costs refer to the fees incurred during, and paid at, the end of a real estate transaction. Often, the terms of the specific contract will dictate which party (buyer or seller) will pay for certain closing costs. See below for a general idea of what the closing costs encompass (again, please note the costs and services required will vary depending on the deal):

    Title Company costs, including title search and title insurance fees
    Inspection costs
    Loan-related fees: origination and underwriting fees as well as appraisal fees


  • How can a Real Estate Attorney Help you?

    It is your real estate lawyer’s responsibility to provide key oversight and representation throughout the entire process, but especially during the closing phase. The Dhaliwal Law Firm will work with you to ensure:

    The entire real estate progress progresses smoothly
    The Contract of Sale is error free, and contains appropriate protective clauses in your favor
    no unexpected costs or issues arise that could compromise your interests
    All required inspections are completed in an appropriate manner

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    If you are at any stage in the process of buying or selling a residential or commercial property, contact a Burlington County real estate lawyer at Dhaliwal Law Firm to ensure exceptional representation throughout your real estate transaction.

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    Known for our experience and top-quality legal services, the highly-trusted team at Dhaliwal Law Firm have dedicated a majority of our legal practice to helping our clients protect their interests and achieve their legal objectives for their real estate needs. We look forward to learning more about your situation and assisting you with any type of real estate transaction.

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